All you need is a pen and paper and you can start putting down your ideas as they enter your mind.


Add double-sided tape to the paper plate and stick them to the wall. .

Nov 7, 2013 · It’s a great game for creative teens or adults and can be quite entertaining.


Cut out the large cell phone image of choice. . Bulls and Cows Game.


They offer engaging ways to practice many important. Say a word or phrase only once. Ask everyone to sit in a chair around the table.

Have them fold the paper in half vertically (4 x 5. – Chairs and a table which people can sit around.

What it is: A funny variation of telephone, played on paper instead of out loud.

May 20, 2023 · SUNDAY PUZZLE — I’ve always thought of the phrase “a stitch in time” as having two meanings.

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Instead of passing a message through whispered words, participants pass a message through pictures and phrases. This activity is a slight twist on Chinese Whispers in that it uses a complex set of instructions rather than just a sentence.

Then, give each person 5 pieces of paper.
The blue bluebird blinks.

Sheep should sleep in a shed.


Clipboards are optional (if playing without a table) 4. All you need is a pen and paper and you can start putting down your ideas as they enter your mind. Freehand drawing.

. Print out the papercraft. Four fine fresh fish for you. Countries. An important rule for the game of telephone, is that you can only say a word or phrase one time. One player is the leader, and the other the follower.

Now added: a 10 digit telephone number template for folks in places like Florida.

2 Pen and Paper Games for One. How Do You Play the Telephone Game? This game can be played with a small or large.


Spill the beans.

Freehand drawing.

Test the reflexes and memory of your friends and family with this Free Printable Five-Second Saint Patrick’s Day Game.

If you've made it correctly, you should hear your friend speak, even if it is a long piece of string.